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XUNHONG PHOTONICS (XHP) was established in Oct., 2017. XHP develop and manufacture the fiber/laser optical components for fiber laser, fiber optical communication, fiber sense, Biomedicine and Defense industry etc.

Product Application

The professional manufacturer of fiber /laser components and instruments

Industrial Fiber Laser Application

Fiber combiner, High power fiber isolator, MFA, CPS, QBH, AOM, Fiber gratings, High power collimators etc.

Fiber Network Application

1x2/1x4 SSC/DWC, 1310/1550nm WDM, 850 MMC etc.

Fiber Sense Application

1x2/2x2, 1x3/3x3 polarization maintaining couplers, in-line polarizer/depolarizer, polarization maintaining fi...

Fiber Amplify Application

1/99, 2/98, 1/999 1550nm WBC fiber tap monitors, 980/1550, 980/1064, 635/1064, 1064/1550 WDM etc.

Laser Microscopy/Laser Display Application

488 / 532 / 635nm RG/RB/GB Combiner, 488 / 532 / 635nm RGB Combiner etc.

Other Fiber Optical Application

Optical switch, Variable optical attenuator, Fiber pigtail/patch cord, Fiber adapter, Fiber collimator etc.

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